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CWA Stewards

Call Center

Angel Perry  3rd Floor

Shannon Carson 2nd Floor

Lee Ann Beal 2nd Floor (WFH)

Mo Johnson 3rd Floor

Towanda  Jones 2nd Floor (WFH)

Toccara Williams 3rd Floor

Crystal Baker 2nd Floor (WFH)

Legacy T Stewards

Pamela Lawson

Utilities Stewards

Norm Bowman

Retail Stewards

Mindy Boldon

lberto Morales

Isaac Rodriguez

GMP Stewards

Tracy Mcfadden

Lakeland Ledger Stewards

Gary White

AT&T SE Stewards


Aaron Thames         Lake Mary

Ronald Altizer           Lake Mary

Thomas Andrews     Goldenrod

Charles Cain            Steyr St

Cesar Custodio     Kerry Dr

Philip Erthal Jr         Goldenrod   

Keith Harmon          Pine Castle

Jason Owens          Research 

James Sanchez      Goldenrod

Kerrie-Ann Scott    Kerry Dr

Leroy Sherman        Kerry Dr 

Robert Skidmore     Research

Jeb Miller                Steyr St

Jeff Werkheiser        Research

Steve Wisniewski   Kerry Dr

Luis Munoz             Kerry Dr

Cesar Osorio          Kerry Dr


 Florida Times Stewards

Andrew Pantazi
Steve Patterson
David Baverlein

Sarasota Herald Stewards

Alan Shaw

Stewards FAS

Geroge Marshall FAS

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