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June's Membership Meeting

 June 25, 2024.  Doors open at 7pm and meeting will start 7:30pm.   Refreshments will be served.  Come meet your officers of the union.  See you there!

Communications Workers of America Local 3108



6-11-2024  Click here for 2024 D.E. Kines/Elaine Huff Scholarship – Rules

4-15-2024 Click here to compete the CWA Member Survey – Make Your Voice Heard

4-2-2024 Click Here for BST 2024 seniority tie breaker list

4-2-2024  2Q2024 SIPP  Click Here to view

4-2-2024  Click Here for Proposed Changes to By Laws read at 3-26-24 Membership Meeting

3-15-2024  2QTR2024 SE Surplus Declaration, No Declared Surplus

2-13-2024 Bellsouth Bargaining Form click here.

12-15-2023  1QTR2024 SE Surplus Declaration, No Declared Surplus

12-15-2023 Click here for 2024 BST Bargaining Slogan Memo

11-1-2023  Click Here for Network Operations 10-Hour Weekly Overtime Months for 2024

11-1-2023 Click Here for 4Q23 Seniority Tie Breaker List - BST- FL

5-31-2023 Click here to apply for 2023 DE Kines / Elaine Huff Scholarship

4-27-2023  2023 Mobility Contract has been uploaded on the Contracts tab.

3-17-2023  the TA for the Mobility Black Contract has passed and would like to thank the bargaining team for the time and effort put into bargaining this Contract.

2-20-2023 Click Here to sign up for CWA Mobility Black Bargaining Town Hall Call.

2-14-2023 Click Here for Highlights of Tentative Agreement for Mobility Black Contract 

2-11-2023 Click here for 2023 Mobility Bargaining Final Report

2-10-2023 Click here for 2023 Mobility Bargaining report #10 and #11

2-6-2023 Click Here 2023 Mobility Bargaining Report #6 

2-3-2023 Click here 2023 Mobility Bargaining Report #5 

2-1-2023 Click Here Mobility Black Contract updates report #4

1-31-2023 Click Here for The NettWorth Financial Group Donna Castleberry Scholarship

1-27-2023 Click here for Day 3 Mobility Black Contract updates.

1-25-2023 Click here for Day 2 Mobility Black Contract updates. 

1-25-2023 Click here for Day 1 Mobility Black Contract updates.


Screenshot 2023-06-26 194412.png

The Foundation’s Board of Directors has approved the awarding of sixteen (16) partial college scholarships of $4,000 each for two years. Eligible for the scholarships are CWA members, their spouses, children, and grandchildren, including the dependents of retired, laid-off, or deceased members. Applications will be available solely online for submission on the Foundation’s website at

Full program details can be found on the website at:



You can now sign up to be a member of CWA Local 3108 Electronically!  Due to many agents working from home and have not signed up, Now you can.  At the moment this is only available for South East/BST, Mobility, and Utilities Operations.  Dues are 2.25% of your hourly wage monthly.  Click Below to be Directed to your membership application.

CWA Political Action Fund

The CWA Political Action Fund (PAF/COPE) is a non-partisan political action committee that fights for workers' political power. It is your chance to have your voice - and the issues you care about - heard at the local, state and national levels of government. Voluntary contributions to the fund go toward policies and candidates that defend workers' rights.

Together, we will continue to fight to:

Strengthen workers' rights by passing legislation like the PRO Act and the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act that will make it easier for private and public sector workers to organize unions and bargain fair contracts.

Build a fair democracy by passing legislation like the For the People Act so our government serves the people, not just wealthy and corporate interests, and everyone can exercise their right to vote.

Protect good, union jobs by stopping offshoring and outsourcing of work and eliminating rules like "One-Touch, Make-Ready.”

Ensure the tax code works for everyone by making the super-wealthy and corporations pay their fair share.

Ensure quality, affordable internet access to all, built by union workers.

Contribute today by clicking here


CWA Local 3108 Has a new App!

Scan the QR Code

Sign up is free using your personal email, Please allow push notifications, Follow the prompts.  Select your work location.  We are currently working on additional tags If you do not see your tag, please check at a later time since these will be added soon.  If you cannot scan here is the link

Officers of CWA Local 3108


Steve Wisniewski


IMG_3977 (1).jpeg

Angel Perry

Executive Vice President


Terri Peterson

Secretary / Treasurer


Shannon Carson

Departmental VP Orlando Call Center

IMG_4848 (002).jpg

Mindy Boldon

West Coast VP 


Jeff Werkheiser

Departmental VP AT&T SE Outside


Lead Organizer and Office Secretary

ceaser 2.png

Cesar Custodio

CWA Local 3108 Organizer


Colleen Conley

Office Secretary 



About CWA

CWA represents 700,000 workers in private and public sector employment in 1,200 chartered CWA local unions. CWA members work in telecommunications and information technology, the airline industry, news media, broadcast and cable television, education, health care, public service and education, manufacturing and other fields, including over half a million workers who are building the Information Highway.

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Image by Scott Graham

Need to Submit a Statement of Occurrence?

CLICK HERE to download a Statement of Occurrence

CLICK HERE  to send an email to our local office of the Statement of Occurrence   A Officer of the Board or Steward will reach out to you as soon as possible.  

Need to update your information with the local?  

Contact CWA Local 3108

2220 Edgewater Drive
Orlando FL 32804


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